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Boost Employee Engagement with an Online Store

April 10, 2024

The right team members can make a real difference to an organization’s culture and long-term success. Finding the best people can be tough – and in this era of job hopping, keeping them can be even tougher. Incentive programs can be great tools to help employees feel more valued by, and connected to, your organization – and an employee store can help you make it happen.

“Many of our clients use Caskey to set up and run their online employee stores,” said Dave Smith, corporate account executive at The YGS Group. “We look at each company’s unique needs and partner with them to create a customizable online store their employees will love using.”

What is an employee store?

Simply put, an employee store is an employee-only webpage with a variety of corporate-branded items available to order. Employees earn points as rewards, which they can use to purchase custom, corporate-branded t-shirts, polos, hoodies, jackets, travel mugs, coolers, hats, or just about any promotional item you can think of.

How do employee stores engage an organization’s team members?

  1. Incentivize employees – Employees can earn points/dollars by attending company-wide meetings, completing required training, or maintaining a safe workplace. Employees can enter raffles or be awarded points on an individual basis. Best of all, employees get to pick their prizes, choosing the style, color, size, and type of item that most appeals to them.
  2. Support compliance – Human resources departments find employee stores to be powerful tools for incentivizing employees to complete paperwork on time to meet compliance deadlines.
  3. Reward teams for meeting goals – From a company-wide perspective, employee stores can help motivate teams to meet sales or quality goals.
  4.  Strengthen brand awareness and company pride – When employees are proud of their company’s brand, they’re often happy to wear corporate-branded clothing or use corporate-branded items, both at work and outside work.

How Caskey takes employee stores to the next level

Caskey’s team of experts can customize an employee store to the company’s specifications, resulting in a branded user experience with a look and feel that mirrors the company’s main website. Customized reporting, which can be integrated with the company’s human resources systems, lets leaders keep employee incentive accounts up to date.

From the merchandising side, Caskey offers thousands of available brands. Companies can offer a range of styles, materials, and fabrics, so employees will value their items.

“We can also produce a lot of items on demand, accepting orders through the employee stores and decorating them as desired. That way, companies don’t need to invest in a lot of inventory to offer an appealing range of products in their employee stores,” said Jason Martin, vice president of business development at YGS Group. “It’s just one of the ways organizations are partnering with Caskey to achieve their goals.”

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