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Solving the C-Store Promotions Puzzle

March 6, 2024

Convenience store owners face a range of specific challenges when it comes to bringing customers through the door:

Your customers aren’t in your store for very long. That means you don’t have much time to make an impression and convince them to buy. Promotions can help, but only if they’re easy to spot in the store and easy to understand.

Your customers are in a hurry. Chances are, your customers “swing by” your store on the way to somewhere else. They’re getting a snack while they’re filling up the gas tank, or they’re grabbing a coffee on the way to work. They are not browsing the aisles with a specific list of purchases, like in a grocery store. To be profitable, you need to direct their attention toward your highest-margin impulse purchases.

Your customers don’t know your brand. Unless you’re a major convenience store retailer, your customers likely don’t have a strong sense of brand loyalty. They’ll go wherever is most convenient. Turning “once in a while” customers to regular customers takes a careful promotional strategy.

Your storage footprint is small. Every square inch of your store’s storage and inventory space is needed for the inventory you’re selling – not extra promotional supplies.

“C-stores depend on smart promotional strategies to make the difference between so-so sales and solid profits,” said Jeff Yohn, Caskey’s vice president of operations. “Many store owners don’t realize how many great promotional options there are out there. That’s where Caskey can help – by partnering with our c-store clients to create promotions that get attention.”

Caskey offers solutions for your c-store’s promotions

Caskey, a proud company of The YGS Group, offers a variety of signage options to help make your monthly promotions stand out. We can design and create unique promotional items for your c-store, including:

  • Pump toppers
  • Promotional signage
  • Window clings
  • Pylon parking signs
  • Floor graphics
  • Outdoor signs
  • Indoor signs

Your full-service promotional partner

Keep your promotions worry-free with Caskey’s warehousing and fulfillment solutions. We’ll store your extra promotional items and fulfill your orders on time, so you have what you need, when you need it. Caskey’s warehousing and fulfillment services include:

  • Storage of your promotional inventory
  • Custom kit creation
  • Inventory management
  • Distribution of printed materials and promotional products

“Caskey’s team are the go-to experts when it comes to specialty promotional products,” said Jason Martin, vice president of business development for The YGS Group. “Our team can help you brainstorm ideas that will work for your c-store, then design, fulfill, and distribute those items when you need them. Working with Caskey is a great option for convenience stores.”

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